C-Suite Executives

We affiliate with former C-Suite executive experts who bring decades of expertise and industry knowledge to any litigation strategy.

We know that in certain circumstances, former C-Suite executive experts are like no other expert witness in their depth of insight and knowledge of a particular space. These professionals know the ins and outs of corporate operations and have experience working at the highest levels of management at firms and in government.

Our C-Suite executives include those who have held positions like CCO, CEO, CFO, CHRO, COO, and other CxO titles.


Our business insiders know the tech and auto markets and can address the interwoven technical and non-technical aspects of “bet-the-company” claims.

Financial Technology

Our former banking and financial services executives have decades of industry expertise and can address legacy and modern banking policies, standards, and compliance.

Video Gaming

Our pioneers in gaming platforms know the video gaming landscape, intersecting industries, and related regulations and standards.

Wireless Communications

Our industry experts know the wireless landscape and standards, can speak to FRAND rates, and can inform litigation strategies with competitor intelligence.

Types of Litigation

C-Suite executives are unique assets to attorneys in a wide range of high-stakes litigation. Our top industry experts bring experience working at the highest levels of business and government and an ability to communicate complex business issues from years of management and presentation practice.

  • Antitrust
  • Breach of Contract
  • Class Actions
  • Fraud
  • Insider Trading
  • International Arbitration
  • Market Manipulation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • SEC Enforcement Actions
  • Shareholder Suits
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