The Case: EV Maker Sues Former Employees Over Theft of Trade Secrets

The plaintiff, a luxury electric vehicles maker, sued a group of former executives and a competing automotive company after claiming that they stole trade secrets pertaining to a propriety infotainment system and subsequently poached the employees who designed it. The plaintiff claimed that the defendants violated confidentiality agreements while pretending to engage in a five-month due diligence period involving a project worth a projected $3 billion.

The Ask: An Expert with Extensive Experience in EE Architecture and Source Code Review

The defendant approached WIT to provide an expert with extensive, hands-on experience in EE architecture, specifically regarding the creation of infotainment systems. The case also called for an expert proficient in source code to review the specific files and lines of code that are at the center of this dispute, proving that the alleged code featured generic, widely available information rather than critical aspects of the plaintiff’s proprietary code.

Why WIT Was Best Suited to Meet the Expert Need:

In anticipation of an influx of disputes regarding electric vehicle technology, WIT has actively recruited and retained world-class academics, industry executives, and subject-matter experts to support clients in trade secrets litigation. For this case, WIT was able to recommend an affiliate expert with substantial experience in electronic engineering in the mobility sector with respect to systems design, development, installation, and release. We also provided an expert with a degree in systems and software engineering who can opine on the specifics related to the plaintiff’s source code.

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