Expert Q&A: Regulation in the Face of Fast-Paced Tech Innovation

By 2025, more than 55 billion devices will be connected and communicating with each other. How can regulators and legislators keep up with accelerating technology innovation spreading across industries?

We sat down with WIT affiliate expert Scott Steinberg to discuss the impact of rapidly advancing technology innovation and the industry regulations likely to follow. Mr. Steinberg is regarded as a top futurist, technologist, and business strategist. He has advised companies including IBM, PwC, Deloitte, Ford, Facebook, AT&T, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Intel, Activision Blizzard, McAfee, Microsoft, MTV, Sony, Qualcomm, EA, and more.

During this recorded webinar, you’ll learn more about:
• The future of digital transformation
• How industry groups are currently regulating themselves
• The pace of government regulations regarding technology
• Changes brought on by advancements in AI

After viewing, we invite you to read Mr. Steinberg’s latest piece covering this topic, titled “Balancing Oversight and Governance with the Need for High-Tech Speed.”


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