Expert Types

WIT has decades of experience working with prominent attorneys on complex litigation. Our testifying experts have been selected for their knowledge, experience, and ability to communicate effectively.

We bring together the best of the best experts across industries to provide comprehensive insights to parties involved in complex legal disputes. We focus on the automotivetelecomgamingfinancial technology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare technology industries and build expert teams comprised of world-class academics, industry executives, and former government regulators.

Our Expert Types


Our experts are all highly credentialed scholars in selected fields from top universities and institutions.

Industry Executives

Our industry executives are former senior-level professionals from the auto, telecom, gaming, fintech, and life sciences industries.


WIT’s regulatory experts are former government professionals with experience working on standards, procedures, and regulations.

Our Core Values

WIT acknowledges the lack of diversity in the expert witness industry and is committed to promoting the retention of qualified women and minority experts.