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WIT has redefined the expert witness industry by anticipating major trends in litigation and proactively building teams of world-class experts to address our clients’ needs before they arise.  WIT – looking to the future to create opportunities for our experts and solve problems for our clients.

Who We Are

WIT is the only expert witness agency representing the world’s leading testifying experts.

We actively identify and pursue opportunities that best fit the experience and expertise of our experts.  By constantly staying ahead of major trends in litigation, WIT can anticipate our clients’ needs and address them by providing the top experts in the relevant fields.

Staying Ahead of the Curve
of Litigation Trends

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Our Approach

We have decades of experience working on cases supported by the best experts. Our unique team approach integrates three core factors to deliver expert guidance:

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Our Core Values

WIT operates under a set of core values that have guided us for decades.  Our integrity, quality of service, and commitment to diversity are absolute.  We will not put our personal or corporate reputations at risk for any reason.  In business, as in life, it is important to take the high road and stay on it.

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