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Our Industries

WIT’s automotive experts know the industry’s players and can identify areas of opportunity and weakness to help drive litigation strategies.
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Financial Technology
WIT represents fintech experts with expertise that encompasses legacy systems and regulations through modern payment infrastructure to address all angles of litigation. 
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As competition in gaming heats up, WIT created a gaming expert team featuring leading academics in computer science, IT, engineering, communications, and mathematics.
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Healthcare Technology
As healthcare technology evolves, litigation is likely to ensue. WIT represents experts who are top academics and leading biomedical engineers in science and technology.
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Medical Devices
WIT has highly credentialed experts who know the medical device sector and can address issues regarding the research, development, and manufacturing of drugs and medications. 
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WIT focuses on the most active areas of litigation. Industries include automotive, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, wireless communications and more.
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Our Core Values

WIT acknowledges the lack of diversity in the expert witness industry and is committed to promoting the retention of qualified women and minority experts.

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