We anticipate major trends in litigation and build teams comprised of academic and industry experts who are most qualified and experienced to address our clients’ needs. Our core areas of focus include:

With thousands of standards, 80K+ patents, and dozens of participants, the 5G landscape includes hundreds of immediate licensing and litigation targets. WIT has teams of testifying and consulting experts that touch on every aspect of 5G (and 4G) litigation, licensing, valuation, and business advice.
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Autonomous Vehicles
Continuous advancements in autonomous vehicle technologies create several fronts in patent wars across many industries. WIT has the world’s leading technical, academic, and industry experts to help win the battles.
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The COVID pandemic will result in billions of dollars of litigation across the globe. WIT anticipates our clients’ needs and builds teams of world-class experts to address them.
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Drug and Vaccine Development
The accelerated pace of drug and vaccine development will create many areas of dispute for pharmaceutical companies. From regulatory enforcement actions to intellectual property litigation, WIT has the world’s leading experts in the relevant fields.
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