Under two simple characters – “5G” – sits a complex picture of thousands of standards, 80,000+ SEPs, dozens of participants, and hundreds of immediate licensing and litigation targets. WIT has become the go-to resource for any expert witness need in the 5G space.

WIT has built teams of testifying and consulting experts that touch on every aspect of 5G (and 4G) litigation, licensing, valuation, and business advice. On an ongoing basis, we engage with law firms, in-house counsel, academic and industry players, patent pools, and licensing entities to stay ahead of the curve on 5G litigation trends. 

At WIT, we affiliate with the most prominent academics and industry insiders, including an expert who helps set the U.S. policy at the ITU-T and experts who know 5G standards and can tell you which are “zombies” and have never been implemented. WIT also represents fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) economists who are prolific about the economic benefits of patent pools.

5G Litigation Expert Team

WIT stays ahead of the curve on litigation trends and has established itself as the premier resource for the world’s leading experts in the 5G/4G space. WIT’s experts can speak to FRAND rates, provide SEP analysis, are at the forefront of ongoing antitrust battles hitting the auto and cellular markets, and deliver expert advice and input on technical and economic data on patent portfolios.

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Our Experts

WIT represents expert witnesses who are esteemed academics, experienced industry insiders, and subject area specialists. WIT has worked to provide expert coverage across our clients’ diverse needs, whether it be to understand specific standards, explain industry practices and policies, or on matters involving high-level FRAND and damages analyses. Their expertise covers:

  • 4G Technology
  • 4G/5G Patent Pool Economics
  • 5G Technology (including Rel. 16)
  • ADAS and IoT-specific Standards
  • Company Policies and Practice in Standards Bodies
  • NPE Litigation Strategies and Intel
  • Patent Portfolio Valuation
  • SEP/FRAND Analyses and Rate Structures
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