The Complaint: A Gaming Company Sought to Protect Its IP From The Company’s Former Founder

The plaintiff, a leading Japanese manufacturer of gaming technology and machines, filed two separate lawsuits against its former founder for allegedly infringing upon its patents. The first suit pertained to four patents dealing predominately with the hardware of the gaming machines. The second suit concerned thirteen of the company’s software patents.

The Ask: A Testifying Expert with Knowledge of Casino Gaming Technology

The plaintiff approached WIT to provide an expert in gaming technology from 1997 onward, with advanced knowledge in casinos, gaming machine design, and engineering. Further, the disputes called for an expert fluent in the hardware and software configurations of a slot machine, along with its specific compartments, locking mechanisms, and hinge placements and how they relate to the device’s physical security. In addition, they preferred an expert who had a deep understanding of Japanese contract law and international business agreements.

How WIT Was Able to Meet the Expert Need

In anticipation of an influx of disputes regarding gaming and entertainment technology, WIT actively recruited a diverse group of world-class academics, industry executives, and former government regulators who are dedicated to supporting our clients in gaming litigation. For this case, WIT recommended a Japanese contract law expert with specialized knowledge of Japanese-US contract norms and regulations who regularly advises on Japanese regulatory, marketing, and legal issues.

Additionally, we provided a second expert who has worked in casino game development and analysis since 1997. With more than a decade of experience working in computer engineering and engineering management related to hardware, software, and algorithms, this expert was well-versed in slot machines, software analysis, gaming hardware, game design, gambling math, and gambling devices.

How WIT’s Experts Can Assist in Gaming Technology Disputes

As the technology behind gaming platforms becomes more advanced and competition increases, more litigation over intellectual property is likely to arise. At WIT, we focus on industries with increased risk of litigation and have built a gaming team of testifying experts to support counsel on matters involving gaming regulations, devices, software, and more.

Contact us for more information about how WIT’s gaming experts can help inform your litigation strategy and to learn more about our expert teams in other areas of focus within burgeoning areas of technology.

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