We anticipate major trends in litigation and build teams comprised of academic and industry experts who are most qualified to address our client’s needs. Check out our core focus areas below.

2023 Banking Crisis
The collapse of First Republic, SVB, and Signature Bank, and UBS’s takeover of Credit Suisse signal an unfolding banking crisis that will bring a tidal wave of civil, regulatory, and criminal investigations and lawsuits.
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5G / 6G
With thousands of standards, 100K+ patents, and dozens of participants, the wireless landscape includes hundreds of immediate licensing and litigation targets. WIT has teams of testifying experts that touch on every aspect of wireless litigation, licensing, valuation, and business advice.
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The COVID pandemic will result in billions of dollars of litigation across the globe. WIT anticipates our clients’ needs and builds teams of world-class experts to address them.
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The cryptocurrency industry’s rapid growth has created an unstable market that lacks regulatory oversight, making it ripe for complex litigation. WIT is uniquely positioned to assist counsel and their clients in active litigation matters, and in assessing and avoiding the potential civil and criminal liabilities that might arise as the regulatory landscape in the crypto industry continues to evolve.
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Drug and Vaccine Development
The accelerated pace of drug and vaccine development will create many areas of dispute for pharmaceutical companies. From regulatory enforcement actions to intellectual property litigation, WIT has the world’s leading experts in the relevant fields.
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Election Law and Voting Rights
Throughout the country, the outcome of the 2020 presidential election has ignited a firestorm of legislation that puts into question the right to vote afforded to every American. Like never before, states are testing the boundaries by creating voting restrictions under the guise of ensuring election integrity. WIT has developed a team of testifying and consulting experts who are highly qualified to address the myriad of issues at the heart of the disputes at the federal, state, and local levels.
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Electric Vehicles
An electric vehicle dominated future is now a near-term reality and has ignited a race for patent control between automotive incumbents, battery suppliers, and high-tech entrants to the industry, making increased litigation an inevitability. WIT has the world’s leading technical, academic, and industry experts to help win the battles.
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FDA-Regulated Drugs and Devices
WIT represents the most qualified experts for litigation involving the science, manufacturing, and distribution of FDA-regulated drugs, chemical components, and medical devices.
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Lab-Grown Foods
WIT represents top scientists and food industry experts with years of consulting and testifying experience in the subjects most relevant to litigation involving lab-grown foods.
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Payment Systems
WIT stays ahead of the curve on the legal and technical issues facing payments technology and has built a multidisciplinary expert team to address all angles of emerging payments litigation. Our payment systems experts include top academics, industry veterans, and technical subject matter authorities in banking systems, fintech, mobile digital transactions, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and more.
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Virtual Reality
At WIT, we know the right virtual reality experts needed to drive successful outcomes in a case and tailor diverse teams that include technical specialists, industry insiders, and pioneers in gaming platforms.
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Wearable Devices
WIT represents highly credentialed experts who understand the ins and outs of wearable device technology and can address issues regarding their potential risks and benefits.
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