Innovation in automotive technology ignites a race for patent dominance in the market. Our automotive experts know the industry’s players and can identify areas of opportunity and weakness to help drive litigation strategies.

At WIT, we understand the target-rich environment created by the evolving automotive industry and affiliate with top experts who have deep knowledge of all aspects of automotive engineering, design, and manufacturing. Our teams of diverse industry insiders know the tech and auto markets and can address the interwoven technical and non-technical aspects of “bet-the-company” claims.

When it comes to automotive technology, there are many areas of interest subject to certain litigation as the market expands. In response, our teams of testifying experts are ready to support attorneys and their clients who are most impacted by these actions.

Electric Vehicles

An electric vehicle (EV) dominated future is a near-term reality, creating a divide between automotive incumbents, battery suppliers, and high-tech entrants to the industry. With a goal for zero-emission vehicles by 2030 in the U.S. and other targets being set around the world, increased litigation becomes inevitable. 

WIT has prepared for certain litigation in the EV space by bringing together teams of diverse experts educated in battery technology, control systems, charging infrastructure, supply chain management, wireless charging, and more.

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Our Experts

WIT represents experts who are esteemed academics, industry veterans, experienced engineers, and IP professionals. WIT understands the difference between an IPR specialist and a testifier who can help a jury understand complex technology.

  • Climate (HVAC) Control in Vehicles
  • Engine and Mechanical Components
  • EV Battery, Battery Charging, and Battery Controls
  • Global Positioning and LiDAR
  • Human-Machine Design
  • Panel/Interior Design
  • Power Electronics
  • V2V/V2X Communications
What are some of our other areas of focus in technology?
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