When attorneys need a trusted authority in a certain subject matter or field, they look no further than at the academic experts represented by WIT.

Establishing credibility is of utmost importance in a case, so attorneys often seek academic experts with proven qualifications and a stellar educational background. Our experts are all highly credentialed scholars with years of experience from top universities and institutions around the world. They are active in their fields, are frequent speakers at industry events, and often lead groundbreaking research that impacts the way markets move and continuously innovate.



Our experts understand the evolving automotive market and its rapidly advancing technology. They can address all aspects of automotive engineering, design, and manufacturing.


With skilled industry scientists and highly credentialed academics who understand the ins and outs of complex and novel science and technology, WIT is best suited to support our clients on their litigation strategies.

Financial Technology

We affiliate with top academics in finance who actively study the evolving industry and whose expertise ranges from traditional banking to digital currency.


WIT has highly credentialed experts who know the pharma industry and can address issues regarding the research, development, and manufacturing of drugs and medications.


Expertise in video gaming requires an educational background in computer science and engineering. Our experts study AI, coding, computing, and more.

Wireless Communications

Our electrical engineering experts are pioneers in cellular standards, wireless networks, IoT, and wireless hardware and software.

Types of Litigation

Highly credentialed academics are the most reliable asset to attorneys in a wide range of litigation requiring concentrated knowledge of a specialty. Our experts are not only scholars but also active participants shaping the future of industries.

  • Class actions
  • Complex commercial
  • Employment disputes
  • Intellectual property claims
  • International arbitrations
  • Life sciences matters
  • Mass torts
  • Oil and gas and alternative energy
  • Securities litigation
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