ITC Investigations

WIT has decades of experience working on investigations within the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) and understands the complex and fast-paced nature of ITC complaints, including Section 337 investigations. Our diverse ITC team includes a wide range of experienced technical experts, domestic industry insiders, experienced source code authorities, and economists prepared to help create successful IP litigation strategies for our clients.

With proceedings within the ITC becoming more complex due to increased market competition and ongoing innovation, the need for knowledgeable experts in the space has expanded exponentially. Because these disputes can be uniquely rigorous, WIT’s highly skilled ITC experts are prepared to utilize their years of expertise and technical knowledge to address our client’s needs in all areas of emerging technologies, including EVs, 5G/6G, virtual reality, payment systems, semiconductors, and consumer products.

ITC Expert Team

WIT understands the parties, opportunities, and risks associated with ITC proceedings and has affiliated with leading technical experts in intellectual property to best advise our clients.

  • Technical experts that can assist in all phases of an investigation from preparation of a complaint to rebuttal
  • Domestic industry insiders on determining if in fact a domestic industry has been established with technical and economic prongs
  • Source code experts on complex computing systems, software code, and code engineering
  • Economists on domestic industry analysis
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Our Experts

WIT represents experts who have extensive experience in litigation in the ITC, and understand the complexities associated with the specialized venue’s investigations. We have worked to build teams of top ITC experts capable of addressing our clients’ needs, whether it be to defend valuable IP or act against antitrust violations. Their expertise covers:

  • Intellectual Property Infringement
  • Domestic Industry Requirements
  • Consumer Goods
  • Source Code Review
  • Wireless Standards
  • Semiconductor Technology
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