The volatile nature of digital assets has created significant legal risks and civil and criminal actions. WIT represents leading testifying experts with deep knowledge of virtual assets, trading platforms, and industry standards and policies.

The cryptocurrency industry’s rapid growth has created an unstable market that lacks regulatory oversight, making it ripe for complex litigation including SEC enforcement actions and DOJ criminal prosecutions, consumer class actions, bankruptcies, and securities disputes.

WIT’s Fintech Expert Team is comprised of world-class academics, industry executives, and former government regulators who were carefully selected for their knowledge, experience, and ability to communicate effectively.

Financial Technology Expert Team

Our focus on the financial technology industry allows us to bring together independent testifying experts under one virtual roof to address issues in complex legal disputes.

Academics: Experts from top universities and institutions with specialized technical knowledge around banking systems, fintech, mobile digital transactions, and virtual currencies

Industry Executives: Senior-level financial industry experts with targeted knowledge in specific fintech sectors, such as cryptocurrency, payment systems, and trading platforms

Regulators:  Former government professionals who have influenced key regulatory actions in financial services, offering in-depth knowledge of both historical and current industry standards

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Our Experts

WIT represents experts who are world-class academics, industry executives, and former government regulators who can address issues involving:

  • Banking Systems
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and DeFi
  • Data and Network Security
  • Industry Standards, Practices, and Regulations
  • Mobile Wallets and Smart Cards
  • Open Banking Technology, Apps, and APIs
  • SWIFT, Payment Rails, Point-of-Sale (POS) Transactions
  • Trading and Investment Platforms
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