Electric Vehicles

The U.S. goal to have half of all new cars be zero-emission by 2035 drives competition between automotive incumbents, battery suppliers, and high-tech entrants to the industry, making increased litigation an inevitability.

WIT consistently remains at the forefront of the legal and technical issues related to electric vehicles and has built an automotive expert team to address complex legal disputes. Our electric vehicle experts include world-class academics, industry veterans, and former government regulators who were carefully selected for their knowledge, experience, and ability to communicate effectively.

WIT anticipates the most prominent and significant conflicts will include matters regarding breach of contract, consumer class actions, M&A, patent infringement, and theft of trade secrets. Our team of leading testifying experts is equipped to advance our clients’ litigation strategies in these areas.

Automotive Expert Team

The intellectual property behind electric vehicles (EV) represents a broad array of hardware and software technologies ranging from cutting-edge batteries and systems controls to sensors, plus the importation of components that represent a morass of standard-essential patent coverage. WIT’s automotive expert team was created to address what we expect to be the key areas of litigation that will arise in the space.

  • Academics: Experts from top universities and institutions with specialized technical knowledge across the automotive design, engineering, and manufacturing spectrum, from ICE to EV
  • Industry Executives: Senior-level automotive industry experts with targeted knowledge in specific automotive sectors, such as supply chain and logistics or EV infrastructure
  • Regulators:  Former government professionals who have influenced key regulatory actions, offering in-depth knowledge of both historical and current industry standards
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Our Experts

Our focus on the automotive industry allows us to bring together independent testifying experts under one virtual roof to address issues in complex legal disputes. Their expertise covers:

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Battery Technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Control Systems
  • Charging Infrastructure
  • ICE, Hybrid, and Electric Vehicles
  • Industry Standards, Practices, and Regulations
  • Semiconductors
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Wireless Connectivity
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