October 19, 2020, New York, NY – WIT Legal, LLC, the only expert witness agency representing the world’s leading consulting and testifying experts, announces the formation of the WIT Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee—a group of diverse professionals within the organization committed to driving diversity in the expert witness space within the law profession. The company appoints Staci Boyarsky, Affiliate Manager, and Cindy Siegel, Director of Marketing, as Co-Chairs of the Committee.

“Women and minorities have historically been underrepresented in all types of expert witness engagements, and especially those involving finance, technology, engineering, and science,” said Staci Boyarsky, Co-Chair of the WIT DEI Committee. “Part of our mission is to consider diversity in every expert witness engagement and to highlight the enhanced value that can be captured by doing so.”

Cindy Siegel, Co-Chair of the WIT DEI Committee, adds, “We value diversity of talent and diversity of thought and are committed to bridging the opportunity gap present in the expert witness industry.”

As the nation undergoes an increased awakening fueled by #MeToo and racial justice movements, the growing demand for diversity by progressive corporations and law firms has amplified a call for action.

Research shows that much work remains to address diversity in the legal industry. For instance, a recent study by the New York State Bar Association and WIT’s parent company, DOAR, showed persistent gender disparity in New York Courtrooms—the effects of which may impact jury attitudes.

“Many of our clients thank us for presenting experts with diverse backgrounds for their matters,” said Evan Lieberman, a Managing Director and member of the DEI Committee.  “We know that driving diversity is not only the right thing to do but also that it impacts the success of our clients’ cases.”

The Committee seeks to engage with law firms, corporations, universities, and other industry organizations to broaden the conversation and to support their commitment to diversity.

“We want to take the lead in creating more opportunities for qualified experts of all nationalities, races, and gender across a wide range of disciplines, and will continue to present the best and most-qualified experts to our clients,” Siegel said.

About WIT

WIT is an expert witness agency representing the world’s top consulting and testifying experts.  By anticipating major trends in litigation, WIT proactively builds teams consisting of academic and industry experts who have the credentials and experience to address our clients’ needs.  WIT has redefined the expert witness industry by bringing the experts who are in the highest demand together under one virtual roof.

For more information about WIT, visit WITlegal.com and follow us at @WITexperts.

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Director of Marketing

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