Published: February 15, 2024
WIT Legal, LLC

Our inaugural ITC report, 2023 in Review: Key ITC Insights, provides a comprehensive look at 2023’s activities and trends at the ITC. While 2023 was a down year in terms of instituted 337 Investigations, we believe it was an outlier with significant reason to reassess the viability and effectiveness of the ITC for 2024.

When it comes to ITC statistics, data is typically fractured and spread across multiple resources. To address this, WIT’s ITC Practice Team gathered data directly from EDIS and IDS, with our team reviewing each matter to offer our clients exclusive insights on ITC Investigations throughout the entire calendar year of 2023.

This report examines the key insights from that process that we think will be of interest, highlighting:

  • Year-over-year filings
  • Number of “new” investigations
  • WIT’s technology classification of investigations
  • Assignments by Administrative Law Judge
  • And more

In subsequent reports, we will focus on each ALJ, providing a detailed view of the judge’s investigations and focus areas while highlighting their behaviors and backgrounds. These will be released bi-monthly and begin with ALJ Bhattacharyya.

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