2023 Banking Crisis

The collapse of First Republic, SVB, and Signature Bank, and UBS’s takeover of Credit Suisse signal an unfolding banking crisis that will bring a tidal wave of civil, regulatory, and criminal investigations and lawsuits.

Recent bank failures, market volatility, and consumer trepidation drive the banking industry into turmoil. WIT has built a diverse team of banking experts from industry and academia who can provide specific subject matter expertise to advise lawyers representing parties embroiled in legal disputes and inform economists’ valuations and related opinions.  

While the U.S. government has stepped in to mitigate the domino effect and recession likely to follow, the downward trajectory will inevitably impact other banks and companies. For each bank or company that fails or is taken over, WIT anticipates battles involving:

  • Shareholder suits
  • SEC/DOJ investigations
  • Counterparty suits by other banks and companies
  • Customer suits to recover lost investments/deposits
  • Criminal actions for securities fraud, insider trading, and embezzlement

Our Banking Expert Team

WIT represents top academics and banking industry insiders with years of consulting and testifying experience in the subjects most relevant to litigation involving banking, financial services, and wealth management.

  • Former bank chief compliance officers who can speak to the minimum standard of care in the banking industry relating to managing risk and investment strategies (e.g., government bonds, crypto, etc.)
  • Prominent academics that study the banking industry, the management of capital, liquidity strategies, and counterparty relationships
  • Former bank executives that have overseen how institutions invested customer/investor funds
  • Insider trading experts to compare insider trades to the public stock trading volume
  • Bank monitors with experience supervising bank operations under regulatory or criminal settlements
  • Former FDIC and SEC regulators with experience overseeing bank charters, ensuring the overall soundness of banking systems, and opining on issues regarding fiduciary responsibilities
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Our Experts

WIT represents banking experts who are esteemed academics, experienced industry insiders, and subject area specialists. WIT has built an expert team to address our clients’ needs, whether it be to understand specific banking operations and technologies, explain banking industry practices and policies, or matters that involve damages analyses. Their expertise covers the following:

  • Bank Charters
  • Banking Industry Growth and Consolidation
  • Banking Industry Policies and Standards
  • Banking Apps and Technology
  • Banking Operations and Due Diligence 
  • Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets
  • Digital Banking
  • Economic Conditions and Market Environment
  • Fiduciary Responsibility
  • Management of Capital, Liquidity Strategies, and Counterparty Relationships
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Trading Platforms & Transactions