Drug & Vaccine Development

Drug and vaccine development is rapidly evolving, with scientific advancements and innovative technologies emerging constantly. As a result of this new era of rapid evolution, litigation will likely ensue. WIT represents prominent life sciences experts in the science, research and development, and clinical trial protocols involved in new drugs and vaccines.

WIT has been involved in some of the most prominent disputes associated with vaccines and drugs, including dozens of pharmaceutical lawsuits associated with the opioid crisis, the pneumococcal vaccine, the mumps vaccine, and the influenza vaccine. Attorneys rely on WIT to provide world-class academics, industry executives, and former government regulators who can assist them in cases involving intellectual property, antitrust, adverse effects, mass torts, mergers & acquisitions, and regulatory investigations.

Pharmaceutical Expert Team

Our pharmaceutical expert team is comprised of world-class academics, industry executives, and former government regulators who were carefully selected for their knowledge, experience, and ability to communicate effectively. Their knowledge includes areas such as immunology, vaccine efficacy, potency, regulatory affairs, drug development, and FDA compliance. Additionally, many of our experts are former pharmaceutical executives whose experience spans everything from product development to corporate transactions.

WIT’s testifying experts have supported many of the most significant cases that challenge the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

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Our Experts

Our focus on the pharmaceutical industry allows us to bring together independent testifying experts under one virtual roof to address issues in complex legal disputes. Their expertise covers:

  • Small Molecule/Synthesized Drugs
  • Biologic and Biosimilar Drugs
  • Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs
  • Research and Development
  • Clinical Trial Design, Monitoring, and Data Analysis
  • Manufacturing Processes, CMC, cGMP, and FDA Compliance
  • Marketing, Labeling, Advertising, and Off-Label Promotion
  • Sales, Distribution, Pricing, and Anti-Kickback Regulations
  • Drug Diversion and Counterfeit Operations
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