As CTO, Gene sets the standard for the implementation and development of innovative technology systems and solutions for the company. He oversees all creative aspects of information design and marketing and is a founding architect on advanced trial technology services.

At WIT, Gene focuses on using advanced technologies to help drive WIT’s growth and to revolutionize the expert witness industry.  He oversees all of WIT’s physical and virtual security, databases, communication systems, hardware, software, and cloud services.  Gene is also an expert in information design and in the use of visual techniques to communicate complex information.  The designer of WIT’s website, Gene has also developed platforms for use by our experts and clients to visualize large data sets and to present information to arbitrators, judges, and jurors.

Gene enjoys spending time with his loving wife and three children. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and all things sci-fi. His current endeavor is mastering the art of baking the perfect sourdough.