Published: September 7, 2021
WIT Legal, LLC

The Case:

An investor in a 2.5 GHz wireless spectrum used to transmit 5G, sued a leading provider of telecommunications for breach of contract and other claims valued at around $100 million. The plaintiff claimed the defendant devalued his interest in the spectrum after the company acquired and assigned the spectrum to itself.

The Ask:

Our client was up against a Fortune 50 company and the AM Law 100 top ten law firm they hired. Our client and his counsel approached WIT to provide expert witness services in support of the arbitration against the telecommunications company. The matter required an expert in corporate governance and law, an expert in wireless communications, specifically in 5G technology, and an economist.

Why WIT was Best Suited to Meet the Expert Witness Needs:

WIT has become the go-to resource for any expert witness need in the 5G space. In anticipation of a high demand for experts for lawsuits involving 5G technology and related areas in wireless communications, WIT recruited and retained world-class academics and industry executives to support clients in litigation. WIT’s affiliate experts, who are at the top of their fields, consulted with our client and his counsel. The experts included an esteemed professor of law at Northwestern University who also serves as a faculty associate at the Institute for Policy Research. WIT also engaged with a highly credentialed professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, who is a leading authority on 5G networks. Lastly, WIT recruited a chief economist from Auburn University who has published numerous research papers on the economics of broadband, telecommunications, and the digital age.

WIT knew the most appropriate experts for the case through its experience working with expert witnesses on a wide range of matters and its focus on 5G litigation.

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