Election Law and Voting Rights

The 2020 elections were some of the most contentious battles between political parties in US history. Questions of voter fraud, ballot counting, election inference, and voting rights have ignited legal challenges of the results in races from local commissioners to the president of the United States. WIT has developed a team of testifying and consulting experts who are highly qualified to address the myriad of issues at the heart of the disputes at the federal, state, and local levels.

WIT’s election law experts are leaders in election science. They are experienced in voting rights, mail-in ballots, voting systems, and polling behavior and planning. Many have dedicated their careers to issues involving state and federal constitutional law, the Voting Rights Act, the integrity of the USPS, electorate behavior in choice of voting methods, the forensics examination of voters’ signatures, electronic voting machines, the generational change in voting behavior and the impact of the pandemic in voting preparedness and voter safety.

Voting Rights Expert Team

From a former US Chief Postal Inspector to a distinguished Professor of Modern American History and best-selling author, our expert team comprises highly credentialed academics and industry leaders who have studied and worked on American electoral behavior for decades.

  • Computer Scientists for voting systems and election inference
  • Epidemiologists for COVID research on voting behavior
  • Forensic Document Specialists for voters’ signature analysis
  • Former USPS Executives for mail-in ballots
  • PhDs in Political Science for voting rights
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